About DeepMindRelaxation

The musicians and sound artists Hilmar Hajek and Joerg Kerll are giving concerts since 2001 and have become known by their name KlangDuo.
Besides their work as a professional orchestra-musician and founder of the sound centre in Osnabrueck/Germany, they create fantastic musical productions in their own recording studio for different ranges of applications, their project name is DeepMindRelaxation.




About our music


Our music can be used for an inner journey with the intention of diving into the present. Please take your time, avoid any external disturbances, and go on a journey through this moment by sensing existence while you listen – simple and purist, and for that reason so forceful.
We use different instruments for our productions and hence different sound colours and sound characteristics.


Albums for meditation and relaxation:

Shakuhachi Impressions

Essential Floating I


Albums in S.E.C.O.T. Style

The Art of Being



The S.E.C.O.T. Concept